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Online auctions for buying, selling & turning treasures into cash since 2006  

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Auction Pick Up Info

Important! Pick up information for items won at auctions: You should always know when you are required to pick up items before you bid. WE DO NOT SHIP. 

  • Pick up days and times for item(s) won are normally during the week, within 1 - 3 days from end of auction, and between 9 to 5 pm. 
  • Bring packing material, tools, and a dolly as needed. We do not provide these items. Also bring help to pack and load your items. We don't have people onsite to help assist in loading items.
  • Pick up sites for auctions differ and are normally located onsite at the homeowner's location. We include the general location of pick up site in auction info. The actual address is given to winner of items on final invoice sent via email the day after the auction ends.
  • Check details in each auction's terms for specific pick up dates and times before bidding. Special arrangements can be made in SOME circumstances unless it is beyond our control based on home owners or our schedules.
  • Each auction's pick up time is different and based on home owners schedules and other factors. Sometimes pick up can be scheduled the day after the auction ends. Invoices will be sent out early the next day with pick up scheduled to start mid to late morning. Again, this is noted in the auction detailed info.
  • It is 100% the buyers responsibility to ensure they know where and when scheduled pick up times are and have a back up person available if you can't pick up items. 
  • Do NOT bid if you can't make arrangements to pick up items during schedule dates and times.
  • You are responsible for payment of your item(s) even if you can't or don't pick them up. We will work with you to the best of our ability but we will not store your items for picking up later. It is up to our discretion as to how items will be disposed of.  
  • No shows will be reported and it will affect your ability to participate in our or other auctions.


Frequently Asked Questions: 
  1. How do I bid? Click on "create an account", complete info, and bid away. 
  2. How do provide my tax exempt certificate for sales tax? You will provide it at the time you create an account. If you get one after you have created an account, you will need to go in and add it in your account. Keep you log in and password handy. We DO NOT have that info as it is confidential between you and the auction software.
  3. Does Clickit2bidit have access to my payment information in the auction software? No, we do not. 
  4. Can Clickit2bidit help with auction software or questions? We can help you navigate the software some. We DO NOT have access to personal info, log ins or passwords, or issues you may be experiencing with the software. 
  5. Can I cancel a bid once placed? No. The software doesn't allow retraction of a bid so don't bid unless you are sure you want the item. We have no control or access to auction software. The software also doesn't automatically bid on items unless you select the item and then confirm your bid. There is 2 opportunities to NOT bid on an item. Make sure the right item is in the picture that you want to bid on. There is no way to delete or cancel a bid. You will be responsible for paying for the item if no one outbids you.
  6. How do I know when and where to pick up my items? Read the terms and info in the specific auction as they are all different. The info as to when the auction ends, when the pick up will be, and the general location is noted in the auction detailed info. The invoice we send the day after the auction gives more specific information.
  7. When do I know if I won? When you receive an invoice, normally the next morning after the auction ends. 
  8. How do I get the actual address to pick up my items? We provide the actual address in the invoice we email to you the day after the auction. We provide a closeWhegeneral location of the auction pick up site in the auction details. We don't provide the actual address until the auction ends and only to the winning bidders.
  9. We DO NOT ship.
  10. Does Clickit2bidit have packing material? No. It is up to the buyer to bring all packing material. You should also bring tools and a dolly, as needed.
  11. Does Clickit2bidit provide help to load my items? No. We do not have staff onsite to help load. Please bring help to load your purchases. 
  12. All auction items are sold "as is" and "in it's current condition" and we do not guarantee items. We do try to point out issues or working vs non-working but this is not conclusive and nor a guarantee.  All sales are final. 
  13. What if I don't pick up my item(s)? You are responsible for payment of your item(s) even if you can't or don't pick them up. We will work with you to the best of our ability but we will not store your items for picking up later. It is up to our discretion as to how items will be disposed of.
  14. is focused on providing quality customer service and satisfaction for both our buyers and sellers. We try to work with our customers if there is an issue. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 
  15. Check out our auctions and bid with confidence by clicking above on "Auctions in Progress". Happy bidding and hope to see you again and again. Thank you!